With the EWPN Young Leaders Programme, we want to empower and inspire young professionals to deliver on their ambition, achieve their goals and develop excellent capabilities to advance their career in the financial and fintech industry.


We see that the financial and fintech industry is waking up to the benefits of gender diversity, but progress is slow. Systemic flaws in ways of working and thinking still create barriers to gender diversity, thereby hindering women’s rise to the top. A recent study by Accenture shows that a shocking 50% of women in tech leave before the age of 35 mainly due to lack of diverse and inclusive working environments.

Kick starting and building your career as a young professional is already quite challenging by itself, however, for women it can even be more challenging. Women often lack access to female role models in their own organisation, which is crucial to help them move beyond middle management into leadership roles. We are convinced that for young women to advance in their careers it is vital to feel connected, network with their peers and meet inspiring role models in the financial and fintech industry.  

Although the environment to excel might be challenging for women in the financial and fintech industry, EWPN appreciates that Young Leaders represent an increasing share of the workforce. A number of Young Leaders have already started to occupy senior positions, meaning that they are no longer the leaders of tomorrow, but already the leaders of today. 


We trust that bringing professionals and role models together opens the conversation on how to leverage the great opportunities the financial and fintech industry provides, but also helps young women deal with their professional and personal challenges. Creating an open and collaborative environment will help women in the financial and fintech industry make more impact, both individually and collectively.  

What can you expect from us? 

EWPN Young Leaders Programme focuses on young professional women up to the age of 35 and their role models to:

  • Empower Young Leaders by supporting young women coming into the workforce and giving them access to the EWPN community
  • Inspire Young Leaders by providing mentoring opportunities that partner Young Leaders with role models and providing opportunities to meet and engage with peers outside their organisation
  • Guide Young Leaders in leadership development by encouraging organisations to invest in coaching and mentoring of Young Leaders


If you have any questions or would like to partner with the Young Leaders Programme, please email us for more information at youngleaders@ewpn.eu.