EWPN Sponsorship Policies

EWPN is a non-profit membership organisation whose purpose it is to promote gender parity with respect to opportunity, reward, recognition and professional mobility. EWPN seeks to achieve the same with respect to ‘diversity’, be this term in reference to inter-sectionality, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation/identity or creed.

EWPN is a registered foundation in the Netherlands, governed by an executive board of directors and an advisory board. EWPN has local ambassadors in most European countries and specific ambassadors for some initiatives and/or programmes.


Partnership sponsorships

EWPN will seek to have two main partnership sponsorships every year. The partnerships are intended to strengthen EWPN’s capabilities and promote the EWPN cause (gender parity in opportunity and reward and diversity in companies and society) and enable visibility to the sponsor’s engagement and initiatives to support their own and EWPN’s objectives as a force for good business. EWPN will seek to form long-term partnerships with credible companies that are also actively supporting diversity within their organisation. The partnerships are negotiated and agreed on a bespoke basis but they will always offer the sponsor the following benefits:

Event sponsorship

EWPN will seek to have sponsors for two types of events, the annual event conference dinner and awards and specific topic events, e.g. leadership clinics, throughout the year. local meet-up events are sponsored locally in the country where they are taking place.

The EWPN main annual event will host a dinner and awards ceremony the night before the main conference. This evening dinner and awards gala event and the main conference will have the following sponsor categories:


Specific topic event sponsorships

Preceding the dinner and awards gala event will be two leadership clinics and at least an additional clinic on a specific commercial topic. These clinics will offer opportunities for companies to sponsor specific topics that EWPN will put on the agenda. EWPN will aim to hold clinics throughout the year in conjunction with partners and local, in-market, meet-ups. These sponsorships will be sold at EUR 5,000.00 each. These will provide a very specific brand exposure for sponsoring companies, as well as a speaking slot at the clinics, which are a very good opportunity to showcase company initiatives and/or take a position on a topic.


Insights & Research Sponsorships

EWPN seeks to be a leader in creating and disseminating evidence-based research on gender and diversity dimensions with a specific focus on the payments and FinTech industries. The focus of the proposed research is aimed at examining the value of gender parity and diversity with respect to innovation, productivity, talent management, product development, sustainable growth and value creation. EWPN believes that insights through research are crucial to promoting a progressive agenda for gender parity and diversity in the payments industry and in our societies. research in collaboration with companies and academia is likely to yield valuable results that EWPN and its stakeholders and members can use to promote the EWPN objectives and educate and advocate in line with research results. EWPN aims to develop a strong and collaborative network of research, be that original or curated research, with like-minded organisations, academia and business schools.

EWPN will be seeking specific sponsors to fund research undertaken in the EWPN research programme. This programme is supervised by qualified researchers at PhD level. Insights and research sponsors will have an opportunity to provide input in to the research topics or select topics from EWPNs priorities. The insights and research sponsorships are priced between EUR 5-25,000.00 per annum or per project.

Become a sponsor

By associating your company and brand with this EWPN you can gain direct access to attending senior representatives from leading and renowned players in fintech & payments industries.Sponsorship is possible on multiple levels.

See detailed information about sponsorship document: EWPN Sponsorship Brochure

If you would like to become a sponsor, please send your request to: sponsorship@ewpn.eu