The Remarkable Women in Leadership is a tailored results-driven program that tackles issues facing high-achieving female leaders who are ready to rise to the next level of management and leadership.Through this program, EWPN partners with renowned Education Institutions, Individuals and certified training consultants to provide the opportunity to women executives to use their strengths to become better leaders.The program provides different types of workshops or training that can range from interactive workshop-based learning with fieldwork, peer coaching or group coaching.

The Remarkable Women in Leadership Program helps good leaders become remarkable leaders. The Remarkable Women in Leadership Program comprises of tailored made workshops that can range from one day or a few days, or courses that last over weeks or months, depending on the specific training taken. Such can also be complemented by pre-work and field work that enables participants to apply and refine their newly acquired skills.

Program Goals

The programme addresses the issues encountered by women in corporate world, particularly the challenges women face when climbing the corporate ladder. The programme’s aim is for women to discover more about themselves by interacting with other high-performing women in a challenging but pleasant environment.

Apart from Training on Leadership development, EWPN also partners with Institutions and individuals to provide other training including, but not limited to:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Business Development
  • Communication
  • Handling Conflicts
  • Management
  • Connected Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Business Analysis
  • Emotional Agility & Leadership

By participating in this program you will:

  • Gain clarity on your identity as a leader
  • Develop behaviors that align with your career direction while reflecting your values
  • Exert greater influence over the choices you make
  • Build and leverage strategic networks
  • Implement your personal leadership strategy
  • Identify their core strengths and learn how to use them as leaders
  • Deepen their self-awareness to get the best out of every situation
  • Become more attuned to their energy levels and learn to recover
  • Analyze their professional relationships to support their personal vision
  • Tap into their fears to explore and overcome their personal limits
  • Explore and understand your own leadership style and how it aligns with your leadership strategy
  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Develop new perspectives on the meaning, value and importance of social networks both within personal and organisational context
  • Enhance your ability to support others in their aim to achieve individual and organisational goals among other things

EWPN Provides Remarkable Women in Leadership Programs in partnership with various organizations. For this reason, a minimum number of participants might be needed for some workshop before such training can be offered.

If you are an Organization looking to partner with EWPN or a woman wanting to register for this program, please contact us for more information: