We welcome male allies to support our objectives at EWPN. We believe that having men engaged in the conversation about gender equality and diversity will make this conversation more constructive and effective. Achieving gender equality and promoting diversity as a means to do better business; enabling individual success and fulfilment, as well as making our societies embrace equality in opportunity and reward for all citizens.

EWPN has a strong network of members and country ambassadors in most European countries. We’d like to strengthen our network with men who are comfortable and able to promote equality and diversity as their own values and in their own professional practice. By signing up as a Male Ally we will ask you to be active in your engagement and promotion of our objectives. There is no fee to join as a Male Ally.

In return, we will provide you with the latest in research and other curated materials on gender equality and diversity in our own industry and in other industries and geographies. You will also have the opportunity to be promoted as a speaker on this topic by EWPN if you so wish.

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