Objective of EWPN Mentoring Programme

When thinking about issues of representation especially in fintech and payments, one can’t help but notice how women are constantly being overlooked for executive opportunities. More action is needed to create a pipeline of women for the future of this industry. EWPN appreciates the many contributions made by women, and also hopes to do more to encourage more women to pursue careers in predominantly male dominated fields like fintech and payments. EWPN believes that this can be done through Mentorship.

Finding a mentor can be an invaluable career asset for women – especially in industries not renowned for their gender diversity, like fintech and payments. As well as boosting confidence, mentors can help open up networks, set and achieve goals, and generally give a sense that someone is looking out for you. Diverse female and male role models are one of the most powerful things, particularly for people coming into a career, seeing that people like them can succeed can act as real inspiration.

One of EWPN’s mission is to inspire and empower women in the fintech & payments industry to maximise their individual potential and position themselves for greater personal success. By creating the platform that allows women with technical skills or already working in fintech and payments the platform to mentor all young women crossing their paths, EWPN creates more visibility of such women, which ends up helping young women know that they can find support needed should they want to work in the industry.

Benefits of a Mentee

  • As a mentee, you get the opportunity to set mentorship goals and get assistance with whatever is most important to you. This is tailored to guide and help meet your needs.
  • Networking and connections in the cards & payments industry
  • Exchange of knowledge, idea sharing, support
  • Ability to meet other EWPN women and share in mentorship-related special presentations at specific industry conferences each year

The formal mentorship program is 6 months, but mentors and their corresponding mentees can continue their relationship indefinitely.

How to become a Mentor

Are you ready to offer your expertise and nurture young talent or help a fellow woman develop skill sets that will help them fully develop their career? Are you committed to making time each month to connect with your mentee? Can you commit to mentorship for minimum of 6 months? As a mentor, you will share your experience and advice to assist the mentee toward achieving the goals set forth. If yes, please contact us via email: mentoring@ewpn.eu

How do you register as a Mentee?

Are you ready to receive guidance in regards to your career, leadership or any other skill set you currently lack? Are you committed to make time monthly to connect with your mentor for minimum 6 months? As a mentee, you will provide your mentor with your professional goals for the mentorship program and how you envision this mentor assisting you. Mentors can be both male and female. If yes, please contact us via email: mentoring@ewpn.eu

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