Presenter: Bill Mann (The Keep Calm Guy, Executive Coach & Mentor, )

Hosted by: EWPN Goodwill Ambassador, Alana Kazykhan (Paysafe, PSP Sales Manager)

Bill Mann, The Keep Calm Guy, has learnt the hard way about not just coping with change but actually embracing it. He came close to losing his life when he was caught up directly in the London 7/7 bombs on 2005.

This year is the 15th anniversary of that terrible day. He managed to walk away with minor physical injuries but the mental trauma stayed with him for years. Unfortunately just as he was coming to terms with that his wife was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently passed away. His life was rocked again but this time he also had 4 young children to support through their grief. He not only got through these dreadful events but managed to completely rebuild his life and now enjoys a level of success and happiness he never thought he would find again.

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