Online virtual event
15 November 2021 - 16:00

About this event

Regardless of the wording or level of in the organisation, the question proposed to me is always the same “How do I get ahead, promoted, recognised…?”

In this workshop, we will explore the uncomfortable truth about career progression. There are a lot of barriers out there, but you know that! A fair few of them you can’t change in the short-to-medium term, certainly not as individual women. But there are some barriers you can change, and these are the ones that come from your own choices and behaviours. The themes we will touch on together are backed by research into what’s effective for women’s careers.

You can expect the workshop to be fast paced, engaging and highly practical.

Meet our speaker! We are delighted to introduce to you Colin Hiles.

Colin is an experienced executive coach who ignite the strengths of individuals and businesses. He has been developing strong business leaders and strong leading businesses for the last 20 years; designing and delivering high impact leadership, culture change and communication programmes across a range of sectors in the UK, Middle East and US. Colin’s work has influenced thousands of leaders – helping them to be more inspiring, motivating and engaging, and helping their organisations to grow, be more productive and resilient.

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