Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders – EWPN Young Leaders Program

A recent study by Accenture showed that a shocking 50% of women in tech leave before the age of 35 mainly due to a lack of diverse and inclusive working environments.

And while it is improving, the financial industry is still considered a male-dominated industry where most organizations struggle to attract diverse talent and create an inclusive culture and working environment at all levels.  Kickstarting and building your career as a young professional is already quite challenging on its own – for women, however, it can even be more challenging. Women at the early stages of their careers often lack access to inspiring female role models in their own organisation, and this is crucial to help them move beyond middle management and into leadership roles.

“The scarcity of women in senior roles also means young women are less likely to find the mentors and sponsors who are crucial in helping them move beyond middle management”
– Jennifer Reynolds, Women in Capital Markets

This year, EWPN will relaunch its Young Leaders Program because we want to help create equal opportunities for young women in building their careers in the financial and fintech industry, as well as support them in resetting organisations towards a more inclusive culture.  Young women need a platform where they can be inspired and supported by both peers and role models to excel and accelerate their professional careers and personal development journeys.

At EWPN, we believe we can empower, inspire and guide Young Leaders in the financial and fintech industry by organising events, connecting them with role models and increase their social capital. So stay tuned as the Young Leaders program will kick-off its first event this Spring.  Let’s empower tomorrow’s leaders!

Are you interested in joining the Young Leaders Program? You can contact us and learn more here



Written by Esther Groen (EWPN Executive Board member and Board Advisor at Holland Fintech) and Annabel Keulen (EWPN Goodwill Ambassador).


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