Esther has over 20 years of experience in sales, consultancy and strategy execution. She lives in the Netherlands with her two sons and has an extensive background in strategy (execution), sales & business development, digital transformation and building high performing teams in the Banking and Fintech industry. She is also currently the Country Ambassador for EWPN in the Netherlands.

She currently advises the Board of Holland Fintech, the Dutch community for Digital Finance. She was a partner at Innopay – a Dutch strategy consultancy firm in digital transactions – where she led the Banking, Payments & Fintech practice for 4 years and represented the company on topics like payment innovation, open banking, digital identity and smart home commerce. Prior to joining Innopay, she worked for over 10 years in global transaction services at ABN Amro and the Royal Bank of Scotland in multiple management roles.

Esther is a strong advocate for a diverse and inclusive financial industry with inspiring male and female role models. She actively promotes the positive impact of diversity on the performance of businesses and wants to break down silos and take away bias to improve inclusive working environments. As such, she is proud to represent EWPN, first joining as the Country Ambassador in the Netherlands, and now as a member of the Executive Board.

“The payments industry is a fascinating industry that continues to grow at such a tremendous pace. Even though there are many women working in this industry, there is no Pan-European platform created solely to celebrate and recognise women contributing to the industry. There is also no platform that offers that intimate woman-to-woman networking day where women could connect, learn, share and celebrate each other.

We do business cross-border; we shop across continents; we are living in a global village; yet we still have our own little corners where we feel more comfortable in. We are women in the industry, facing the same challenges across the border regardless of which part of the world we are located. The challenges might slightly differ, but they are very similar in so many aspects. We ask ourselves over and over again: where are the women in the top layer of the financial industry? Why are we not fully represented? Why are we getting stuck somewhere in between? What is holding us back? But then we still go back to our own local chapters and try to solve global issues instead of talking to each other on a global level. I want to go down to the root cause and try to figure out why we are so underrepresented.

I longed to have a platform where women within the industry can freely converse, forget about the level of career they are and just have a heart-to-heart conversation while we figure out how women who have been lucky to get to the top can nurture other talented women starting up or stuck somewhere in between. This is something that I personally missed after years of working in the payments industry. So I thought, why not create the platform myself? Therefore EWPN was born in 2015! Until we realise that we are stronger together instead of handling the challenges in smaller groups; we shall continue to be underrepresented. We transact cross-border, let’s converse cross-border as well!”

Martha Mghendi-Fisher brings on board years of experience in merchant acquiring, e-commerce, card-present, processing and payments in general, having worked first for a processor and currently for an acquiring bank.

Nadja is a payments lawyer with almost 10 years of in-house experience in the international Payments industry and a legal expert in rules and regulations involving Financial Services (such as PSD, AML and CDD),having acquired experience both as a Deputy General Counsel for a global Payment Service Provider and as a VP Legal & Regulatory for a European Acquirer. This has give her a broad perspective on all legal and business aspects of (Card and Alternative) Payment processing in the global e-Commerce industry.Nadja consults Merchant Acquirers, Payment Services Providers (PSPs/MSPs) and other FinTech companies in their start-up phases that want to expand their business internationally, while mitigating risk.

Her contribution to the industry and especially paving the way for fellow women within the industry, doesn’t go unnoticed.Her passion to share her expertise and knowledge is a quality that makes her stand out.

”During her professional career I came to acknowledge my position within the organization as a female professional after reading the book from Sandberg (Lean In). After that moment, I have carefully reviewed (and adapter) my own behaviours, have learned to recognize the contribution to my career by the behaviour of others within the organization, have received guidance and coaching from many different people and through training and embraced the advantages give to me as a woman, while utilizing these even more.I am a strong supporter of any women initiatives to offer support as I recognize that this is much needed and hope to provide other women in the industry the same opportunities as was given to me.” says Nadja.

Nadja is a highly recognised and well known expert within the Payments Industry. She is recognized for her professionalism, her quality of work and her attitude by many former colleagues and clients.In 2015, Nadja was the runner-up in the Legal Women Talent of the Year in 2015.

Stanley is an acknowledged leader in the global payments industry with over 25 years’ experience, and has held executive and board roles in several European and US financial services companies. Prior to establishing the Minerva Partnership Consultancy in the UK, a boutique service offering in payments; strategy and leadership development, Stanley held various leadership positions at Visa in different geographies, the last one serving as Visa Europe’s Senior Vice President of Payment System & Enterprise Risk. In this role Stanley oversaw Visa Europe’s overall risk and compliance strategy and policies in its markets and gained significant insight into the commercial; regulatory and technological dynamics that inform the payments and risk agendas in Europe and beyond.

Since leaving Visa in 2013, Stanley has worked as a consultant in payments; strategy and business development and organisational development. In 2015 Stanley co-founded the Minerva Partnership with Michael Burtscher. Minerva provides bespoke consultancy in payments; strategy development; business modelling; executive coaching; leadership development; organisational design and training. Minerva’s mission is to help companies design their strategies build capabilities that they need to succeed.

Stanley consults with start-ups and blue chip companies in Europe and the USA. Stanley’s work focuses on payments and corporate strategy, as well as organisational development; leadership capability building and executive coaching.

Stanley holds a post-graduate research degree in organisational sociology from the University of Oslo (UiO) and an MSc in Organisational Change & Consulting from Ashridge Executive Education Business School. Stanley’s undergraduate degree from UiO included gender studies in anthropology and the history of ideas. Stanley is also a qualified executive leadership coach from the University of West England (Bristol)

Miranda McLean, VP, Marketing at ground-breaking financial utility, Banking Circle, has built a considerable reputation for developing and executing successful marketing strategies for a wide range of financial services businesses over more than two decades. Starting her career at Thomson Financial, Miranda was responsible for creating a centralised marketing communications team as well as implementing a new brand strategy delivering £1m in savings to the business. She also held senior leadership positions at Reuters, Standard and Poor and Lexis Nexis in the mid to late-noughties, leading and shaping marketing and CRM operations and building brand and sales strategies, with responsibility for multi-million-pound budgets.

With strong credentials for developing successful marketing strategies for corporate brands, in 2011 Miranda moved to credit and business information provider, Equifax. In 2012 she entered the payments arena, joining alternative payment brand, Ukash. Having supported the successful sale of the Ukash business, in 2015 Miranda was appointed by payments start-up Saxo Payments, to create the brand identity and marketing strategy which has taken the cross border financial utility to a multi-million dollar business in less than three years.

As a highly motivated marketer, Miranda believes barriers to opportunity only exist if vision is blinkered. She has committed to self-development and improvement at every stage of her career to build a wealth of experience in global and European brand development, execution and management.

Regina Lau is a global payments strategy leader driven by a passion for helping brands scale and grow faster. With over twenty years of experience in the payments and financial services industries, she has worked at both publicly-held and private-equity backed companies to leverage the enormous growth opportunities that international expansion, ecommerce and digitization of financial services can offer.

Currently the Chief Financial Officer at an embedded finance fintech, she has been the Chief Strategy Officer for both fast-growing fintechs and well-established brands in Europe and UK, defining growth strategies focused on innovation and technology to pivot a company’s trajectory. She’s also led pricing, value proposition creation and M&A for the organizations. Prior to relocating to Europe, Regina worked for American Express and Wellington Management Company in various leadership roles in partnership development, finance & revenue management and investment management. She was also on the advisory board of a Nordics-based mobile ordering startup.

Regina has been executive sponsor of many diversity & inclusion initiatives, such as creating “Women in Management” programs to increase leadership training and mentoring. She has also actively led recruitment, employee engagement and development programs to ensure that work environments are balanced for gender, culture, lifestyle and professional backgrounds. She is currently an advisor and CCO/CFO for Dali Spaces & InvestFem, a digital global community that empowers, enables and provides female founders and entrepreneurs access to investors and resources for success.