Have you ever thought how strange it is that financial solutions for women should be marketed in pink? Or what financial services firms are missing by not fully meeting female customers’ needs?

EWPN is partnering with Keen Innovation to produce a study that is being undertaken by EWPN Research Leads Dr. Erin B. Taylor and Dr. Anette Broløs.

The new research initiative will uncover fintech products and services for and by women. It has two goals. The first goal is to create an overview of the market in fintech for women in five areas: Payments & Credit, Financial Management, Insurance, Investment, and Capital for Entrepreneurs. For each of these areas we will present case studies of specific case studies, exploring how they are designed for or marketed to women.

The second goal is to generate discussion as to why women might need their own financial services, and what the future is for fintech for women. Can they help to close the ‘gender gap’ in financial wellbeing? Do they assist women with literacy? What considerations should be taken into account when designing for women? How can services be better marketed to women?

The study will take place from February to May 2020 – so look out for launch events.

Want to sponsor this study or contribute with ideas for products and services to be studied? Contact Erin and Anette at research@ewpn.eu.

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