Patrick Wheeler Cybersecurity expert, Educator and Practitioner

Name: Patrick Wheeler
Pronouns: He/Him

Bio: Patrick is a cybersecurity expert, educator and practitioner originating from California’s Silicon Valley and San Francisco, focusing on programs securing the global financial sector. A naturalized Belgian he contributes to alleviating the critical cyber skills shortage and building a diverse next-generation cyber workforce via CyberWayFinder. He lectures for the Solvay Executive Masters in Cybersecurity and guest lectures and contributes to cyber pedagogy delivered in universities such as University of Namur, London School Economics and etc. Patrick also leads business and executive ‘cyber-uplift’ programs and masterclasses, is active in the international speaking circuit speaking to business leaders at international conferences such as Euromoney, Treasury Nordics, COSAC. As a past CISO and Security Architect he is responsible to protecting major portions of Europe’s financial infrastructure with clients include BNP Paribas Group, Euroclear, SWIFT and more. His credentials include the (ISC) EMEA ‘Senior Practitioner of the Year 2017. Industrial credentials and certifications such as Environmental Engineer and California Registered Civil Engineer (C5088042), a BSCEE, and MBA and job titles including IS Director, VP of Operations, Security Architect and Chief Security Officer.