Nancy Hanna SWITZERLAND - CEO of NEH International & Consulting Director, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Ms. Hanna is an experienced professional who thrives on solving today’s complex, global business challenges.

Founded, N.E.H. International Inc., a management consulting firm in 2000, where she successfully advised industry leaders and C Level Executives to develop transformational strategies proactively anticipating industry and consumer trends.

A trusted Advisor to diverse industry leaders, Ms. Hanna managed strategic global transformation programs building a pipeline of product and service innovations transforming business and operational models enabling digital capabilities and enhanced customer experience across industry sectors.

As a sub contractor to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Ms Hanna served as a Senior Advisor to Ministry Officials and Executives in Asia the Middle East and Africa, establishing national smart card programs, digital ID cards and fraud mitigation within the financial services sector.

Member of cross industry committees established global standards within the Financial Services sector to enable digital commerce and Rosettanet, a supply chain standard.

Prior to consulting, Ms. Hanna was a VP of Emerging Products at Visa International, where she spearheaded the development and successful implementation of the first generation of smart card products and services across various industry sectors.

Chaired global Executive Forums and committees across diverse industry sectors to establish global solutions and standards, brand management, pricing and marketing strategies. Negotiated partner contract agreements, ensuring compliance with local and regional regulators.

Her credentials include an MBA from Pepperdine University and post-graduate certification from Cornell University.