Nadja Bennett Enterprise Sales Consultant – Multinational Commerce - Global Payments

Goodwill Ambassador – Social Media Committee

“Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance” – Verna Myers.

‘For me personally, it’s the women with care duties at home that get most left behind, be it for their children, their parents or other close family members. Their careers very often have to be put on hold so unless employers start creating more inclusive work environments (including for senior positions), a lot of talent gets left behind. More needs to be done to encourage flexible working options in the traditional employer/employee setup to allow these women to continue and progress their careers (should they want to of course).’

Nadja Bennett started her career in payments in 2008, spending the last ten years working for large global corporates as well as a Fintech upstart with a focus on acquiring, gateway & fraud solutions. Her latest gig is at NYSE listed Global Payments Inc in their newly created Multinational Commerce Team working with clients globally to help them find the holy grail of payments: one provider, all regions, all channels.

She’s always been keen to fly the flag for more diversity & inclusion in the payments industry, encouraging & promoting the adoption of work environments that are more in line with the needs and expectations of modern society and can support women in all stages of their lives.