Maria Luísa Aldim PORTUGAL - Sales and Business Manager & Board Member at Easypay

Maria Luísa Aldim is 33 years old, a proud mother of 3 and a woman passionate about innovation, economy and politics. Since 2010, Maria Luísa was Head of Sales of the most recognized Payment Fintech in Portugal – Easypay, being part of Easypay’s Board Advisors since 2012 until 2018.

Her path into the Payments Industry started in 2008, after her graduation on Political Science. Back then, Easypay was just a start-up, and digital payments and Fintechs looked like something arriving from the future, landing on corporate environment. As a start-up everything had to be done and started from scratch, looking and having the best people to make it happen, allowed her a personal growth at managing level with every sector – Sales, Marketing, IT, Compliance, Risk – dealing with Providers, Partners and with innovative Customers.

Throughout all these years, her main focus was always to be able to listen to customers needs, to provide the best and easiest customer experience, promoting the best possible relationship.

On 2012, published a book as a co-author on a project initiated on 2008 – “Grandes Discursos do Séc. XX em Portugal” – the main goal was to revive Portuguese political history in the 20th century, to be told by the political actors themselves in the first-person, through their own speeches.

Since 2012 Maria Luísa is also a deputy in Lisbon at Assembleia Municipal de Lisboa (Local Parliament), representing a Political Party on 2 committees – Economic and Tourism, and Innovation; and Housing, Social Housing, Local Development.

Launched recently VGD – Vírgula Decisiva to help Banks and Fintech developing strategies and projects in the payments industry.

Embraced recently the challenge to be European Women Payments Network (EWPN) Ambassador for Portugal.

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