Maja Fočić Project Manager |

Name: Maja Fočić
Title: Project Manager |
Pronouns: She/Her

Bio: As an experienced Project Manager with a history of working in the financial services industries, Maja is a key link between the business and technical delivery teams. In Monri Payments, she is responsible for overseeing and managing IT and payment-related projects. Currently, Maja is leading several projects to improve payment systems on SinglePOS devices and the WebPay solution for online payments, which include expansion to other EU countries. Her previous work experience from both Privredna banka Zagreb and Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska serves as a strong foundation for a professional development focusing on implementing new payment solutions, products and redesigning processes. Maja’s ability to never lose the big picture out of mind while focusing on the smallest detail in her project and her ability to relay that connection to her associates, make her a a successful Project Manager and a valuable speaker and panelist at business conferences.