Filomena Pljakovska-Asprovska REPUBLIC NORTH MACEDONIA - CEO and President of the Management Board of International Card Systems AD (CaSys AD)

Filomena during her 19 years of work experience (and counting) has been leading core teams in essential processes of key importance in her company and her own country. Her expertise in the field of payments and card industry is wide, from EMV migration projects, Acquiring, ATM/POS processing, e-commerce, to digital and innovative payments.

Keen of everlasting and constant education, Filomena is considered to be the top-learner and innovator in her own field: BSc in Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Economics, alumni of the Schulich School of Business, York University Toronto CA and a fellow of the Kellog School of Management, USA.

She is a member of the National Council for Payment Systems at the National Bank and the committee for encouraging cashless payments, actively and boldly participating and supporting the initiatives for improving the use of electronic payment channels.

In the moments between taking the North Macedonian digital ecosystem towards the future and constantly learning new perspectives, Filomena is a passionate cooking aficionado, tech-savvy explorer of new innovative gadgets and an active fan of fitness and yoga routines.