Alma Ahmic CEO at Bamcard

Alma is Bamcard’s CEO since 2010. Prior to when it was popular for women to consider a career in Fin Tech, Alma was given a chance to be a female pioneer in the payment industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina after being recognized in the banking industry for building new brands, driving business and stimulating innovation. For her it was love at first sight and entering this dynamic industry with her Austrian result-oriented mentality she recognized possibilities to make payments more accessible and less expensive.

Since Alma joined Bamcard – and thanks to her vast experience in the Fin Tech, payment and banking industry – Alma has served as a role model and mentor for many women and men at Bamcard and in the industry. Customers, colleagues and partners feel her excitement and positive approach. She oversees a large team of both women and men and encourages all of them through supportive guidance.

Under her leadership, several initiatives were launched, including KVIKO – the first Instant Payment Platform in the region. At the moment KVIKO offers 3 services KVIKO cash (mobile cardless ATM withdrawals), KVIKO instant (P2P instant inter-bank transactions) and KVIKO top up (GSM top up) and it is planned to offer KVIKO Pay until the end of this year (QR Code hardwareless interbank payments). In the previous years she was the strategy leader for the development and implementation of other advanced services and products in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the SEE region such as the first ATM Sharing Network, the first Anti-Fraud Prevention mobile application and a Host Authorization Processing and Personalization Software.