Harry Smorenberg Founder & CEO of SCC

Harry Smorenberg is Founder & CEO of SCC and is an international positioning strategist. He previously worked at Banque Paribas and ABNAMRO and was a director at two leading international strategic consultants.

He is a leading contributor to innovation in both the retail and corporate payments and transaction space. He has a solid background in Cash- & Treasury Management. With that, he is actively involved with repositioning the finance functions and the role of (new) technology.

He is also an expert in retirement management (pension scheme development and ageing issues). Next to that he is working actively on improving financial literacy and financial inclusion (a.o. solutions in areas like communication & education/budgeting/ personal financial planning solutions/pension planning). He also is very much involved with the ‘next generation developments of the way we will work and contribute to society’ (rebalancing work & income/working longer) and thus ‘social innovation’.

Harry is Founder of a.o. WorldPensionSummit and the GlobalPaymentSummits (EMEA, ASIA, Oceania). He is a columnist and guest speaker, sits on several advisory boards (such as GFLEC- Washington/ NIBUD – Netherlands/CAFF50.net – Beijing/P&I – New York) and regularly publishes in leading international media.