As an organisation campaigning for increased diversity in the payments, FinTech and banking industries, we welcome contributions from guest authors so that we can provide our members and readers with a suitably diverse range of opinions, insights and expertise.

EWPN provides a platform that inspires, empowers and mentors women in payments to help them realise their full individual potential and position themselves for greater personal success while continuing to learn and contribute to the payments and FinTech industries. All contributions should support this vision, being educational, informative and not self-promotional.

We are keen to hear from women and men who can help us increase our reach and get more people on board to help us bring positive change – whether that’s a blog, article or case study.


Some ideas of topics which are of interest to our members and website visitors are below, but we welcome submissions on other topics too which align with our overall mission and values.

  • Gender diversity in Financial Tech and Payments
  • Diversity in terms of intersectionality, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation/identity or creed, in addition to gender
  • How the FinTech and payments industries are changing
  • Advice and tips to help improve diversity and/or opportunities for women and minority groups
  • Advice and tips to help women enter and progress within the industry
  • How changing financial practices and technologies affect female consumers
  • Experiences of female professionals in the FinTech and payments industries
  • Policy-related issues with respect to women and FinTech

How to become a contributing author on

  • Contact us at to pitch your contribution
  • Tell us what type of content you would like to write (blog, article, case study), and the topic you will cover.
  • Please also provide an author profile. Include your full name, job title, company, a brief biog (maximum 50 words), links to your company website and social media channels.
  • Once we confirm that we can accept your submission, please ensure that it includes all references, citations and credits for any images.
  • Submit your finished copy in a Word doc, and any images, to

Once we receive your copy it will be reviewed by our editorial team to check it follows our guidelines and does not contain any grammatical or spelling errors. We will also check all links, references and images are correctly sourced and attributed.

We may contact you if we feel changes need to be made – we will never publish an amended version of your copy without your approval but we may remove links or images we do not feel are appropriate.

Once the copy is approved and finalised, we will let you know when it will be published so get ready to celebrate getting published and sharing your post far and wide!

We do encourage you to share your published blog, article or case study on your own website and social media platforms but ask that you do not republish the same content on any other website or within a publication. If we find the same copy published elsewhere we may remove your post on


We are looking for a range of contributions, including in-depth articles, inspirational case studies and less formal blog posts.

Blogs posts can be anywhere from 600 to 2,000 words, with a clear heading and sub-headings in longer pieces. Relevant photos, charts or supporting visuals are welcome.

Articles and case studies should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words with a title, subtitle/standfirst and subheadings. Relevant photos, charts or supporting visuals are welcome.

Longer articles are better-able to provide the in-depth insights and detailed information which will be of most benefit to our readers and are also more likely to be shared and picked-up elsewhere, further increasing awareness of EWPN and our aims.

Copy should be original, not published anywhere else.

Content should be provided in a Word document, with high-resolution images of at least 300dpi attached to your submission.

Content can be provided in your local language, but please also provide an English translation.

References, citations, sources and image credits

Always include a link to the source of any data, statistics, research findings or news quoted in your copy. Sources must be credible.

Any relationship between the author or their company, and another person or company mentioned in the copy must be clearly disclosed.

Buying, selling or trading links are prohibited and will be removed.

EWPN reserves the right to remove any links, even after publication.

Copy must not be self-promotional.

SEO tips and best practice

To help make your post more easily discovered in online searches, please include your keywords and phrases in the title where possible, or the subtitle, as well as throughout the body of the copy.

Text formatting guidelines

  • Numbers up to ten should be spelled out (one, two, three etc), while higher numbers should use digits (11, 12, 13 etc).
  • Percentages should be written in digits, with a %, ie ‘5%’, not ‘five per cent’.
  • Use one space after all punctuation.
  • Use the Oxford comma format.
  • In headings, first and last words are always capitalized. All other words are capitalized in a heading except articles (an, a, the, etc.), coordinating conjunctions (for, and, or, but, etc.), also,
  • repositions that contain three or fewer letters (in, one, at, etc.).
  • No filler formatting that impacts how the content appears.

Image guidelines

  • Include at least one image within your submission.
  • Any images must be owned or created by you, or that you have the right permission for the image to be used on our website. Images must be clearly attributed, including a URL where relevant.
  • Only use charts or images from other websites if you have consent from the owner.
  • Do not use images which include branding of any kind which could make the post seem to be sponsored content.

EWPN reserves the right to remove or replace any images it deems irrelevant, inappropriate or potentially offensive, even after publication.

Questions and queries

If you have any questions or would like to put forward an idea for a topic to cover in a guest contribution, please do not hesitate to contact us at