Collaboration aims to bolster insight into diversity issues in financial services sector

29th August 2019 – The European Women Payments Network (EWPN) and the Emerging Payments Association (EPA) are working together to bolster understanding of the diversity issues that exist in the financial services sector. The first output of this partnership is a new white paper published by the EPA today – “Women in Changing Times” – which sets out a baseline in gender equality issues that will allow for the measurement of change over time.

Martha Mghendi-Fisher, Founder of EWPN believes this partnership is crucial to understand the social and structural barriers that inhibit change so that initiatives and action can be taken to more effectively level the playing field. She said: “It is very exciting to be working with the EPA, with its reach and influence in the financial services sector. It is vital that we all understand the barriers that exist, not just from an anecdotal point of view, but from informed insight from across the sector.”

Tony Craddock, Director General of the EPA added: “The EWPN has been working hard to tackle the diversity issues prevalent in our sector. The EPA is, therefore, delighted to work alongside this organisation leveraging our own contacts and partners to gather the insight that we can all act on to improve the prospects for anyone who wants to work in the financial services sector. Sharing insights and knowledge will help bring about change as quickly as possible.”

The EWPN and EPA will continue to work together on other research projects over the coming months.

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