13 September 2020 - 08:00
15 September 2020 - 17:00

The Regeneration Summit by Roshem is intended to reflect the diversity of our world and provide a platform to the unsung leaders paving the road ahead for a regenerative economy.

Join us for a deep dive into all aspects of Regeneration: from how we trade, develop, invest and heal our Earth, to how we think, communicate and heal our minds, bodies and restore our connections with others.

Register here for tickets: https://hopin.to/events/roshem-regeneration-summit

About the summit

Regeneration is the process of renewal, restoration, and growth. During these challenging times, our world is being brought together by our shared experiences of social distancing and crisis.

We are working to foster alignment in terms of what it will take to realize our visions for a Regenerated future in full circle. Join us and learn through the journeys of each speaker. Each individual, group and panel we plan to bring to the spotlight is well versed in the struggles and complexities of realizing this vision through their own hard work and dedication in the field.

Speaker Expertise includes: Impact Investing, Environment, Social and Governance, Sustainable Development, Organic and Regenerative Agriculture
Circular Economy and much more across the regenerative economic space.

Conference Access passes include 3-month memberships for each ticket holder to join the Roshem Network social network platform. The Roshem Network connects impact investors and professionals from the field of impact finance with:

  • One another
  • Educational opportunities and resources
  • Investable regenerative agriculture projects and conscious businesses
  • Community stakeholders across the sustainable business landscape

All conference attendees will be able to access Summit recordings after the conference through the Roshem Network.

The Mission of Roshem Impact is to develop and nurture unique products and initiatives across the agricultural, technological and retail landscapes that reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals, solve economic challenges and respect natural processes. Visit our website to find out more.

Proceeds from the Regeneration Summit are managed by the Roshem Foundation and the organization’s funding committee along with the Board of Directors. The Roshem Foundation’s vision is to create solutions that correlate positive impact outcomes to financial return. Their team aims to foster an investment environment that facilitates the growth of a circular and regenerative economy. Across Canada, the United States, Serbia, Israel and South Africa, their team implements programs that solve today’s challenges and create opportunities for future generations.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors and Investment Committee will manage three streams of revenue allocation from the Roshem Impact Summit:

The Rural Innovation Center initiative developed and managed by the Foundation. The Foundation’s work facilitates sustainable development through education and training and market access support for the rural information technology sector, alongside agriculture, clothing production, traditional handicrafts, and further trade and economic activity in rural settings. Centers in development encompass organic and regenerative agriculture, programs and training, ecotourism, and are connected to a global digital platform for collaboration and resource sharing across the regenerative economy, the Roshem Network. Find out more about the Impact Outcomes, Motivating Factors and Project Plans related to the Rural Innovation Center initiative by visiting the Foundation’s website.

Current Direct Donation beneficiaries are:

The Sapana Organization in Portugal, for their Breaking Bars program
Through their methodology, Sapana empowers men and women who are expected to leave prison within less than 1 year, enhancing their social and labor market integration. This project builds bridges between the individual and society, while providing fellowships with employers as part of the reintegration process.

The Femmebought 501(c) organization in Chicago, USA
For a grant to a minority-owned, female-led, business in their network, and also for a scholarship to be provided for one of their mentorship programs, as well as a network membership, to another minority-owned, female-led, business.

Register here for tickets: https://hopin.to/events/roshem-regeneration-summit

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