21 May 2020 - 17:00

Session 3: Guilt, Perfectionism and Finding Right for you


Host: Martha Mghendi-Fisher

Speaker: Alessandra Wall, Ph.D.,Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  • Talk about the other feelings that are part of this crisis, guilt about not being able to do it all, perfectionism the need to be everything for everyone
  • Engaging conversation with attendees about the pressure each person is facing that is internally driven
  • Talk about what right for each person looks like and provide a model for defining personal goals and expectations based on that model

About Dr. Wall

Dr. Alessandra Wall is a licensed clinical psychologist and leadership coach who specializes in helping women secure the careers and success they’ve earned.

She specializes in helping smart, professional women find their voices, show up more confidently, and succeed on their own terms. Her mission is to advocate for and act as an ally for women who want to make their mark, be heard, and succeed professionally, and support organizations that genuinely strive to retain and elevate these exceptional women.

Dr. Wall has been in private practice in San Diego since 2007, she founded Life in Focus Coaching in 2013 to better support the women she was working with. She received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology (Cum Laude) from Duke University and her Doctorate of Philosophy in clinical psychology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

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