Online virtual event
22 February 2022 - 15:00


Learn how to connect like a pro and network with peers!

About this event

We are happy to invite all young professionals to join us February 22 in our #EWPN x ING Lioness event for Young Leaders.

As young professionals we find it challenging to continue to network during the Pandemic. Besides, we can be a bit apprehensive to start networking. However, networking is key to opening up more possibilities. Therefore, let’s become a pro in connecting!

In this event, Farah Coppola will give a one-hour training to create a right personal network strategy and mindset to attract the right people and reach your goals faster. Second, we offer all participants to speed date with peers across Europe!

Connect like a pro

Networking is key to opening up more possibilities. With the right strategy and mindset you will attract the right people and reach your goals faster. It can push your career in a whole new direction. However, sometimes it can be experienced as forced or uncomfortable. How do you make professional connections? How do you lead a conversation? How do you maintain your network once you have built it? During this webinar you will learn practical techniques for online and offline network. This will enable you to reach your professional goals by using the power of your network.


In the last half an hour you will get the opportunity to connect with peers. You will be notified on the details.

ING Lioness

ING Lioness’ mission is to raise awareness and ensure gender equity throughout ING. We believe that we can make a stronger impact when we collaborate with our allies throughout the industry. We’re welcoming everyone to sign up for this event!

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